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An advisory portal that documents the things scientists love, to encourage and inspire readers to accomplish their goals.

Scientists to Europe is dedicated to providing tailored information to qualified academics across all scientific fields, who are interested in relocating to exciting career opportunities throughout Europe. By means of continuously providing up-to-date news, travel guides and lifestyle articles personalised specifically to scientists, we hope to educate, inspire and entertain you!

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Gothenburg vs Aalto_ Scandinavia
The first thing to say is that as homes to prestigious institutions, in cities with a high standard of living,
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3 Riveting Reads for March
Sometimes even the most disciplined and focused person needs to take their attention away from their work. There is nothing
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5 Useful Activities to Make Your Time in Lockdown Count
Time in a lockdown can seem long. A major part of this is because it can feel like you aren’t
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Lockdown Lifestyle- Keeping Yourself Sane
As Europe institutes protective quarantines in most states, life is changing for the majority of people. Our next few weeks
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Why 2020 will be the best time for STEM professionals in Europe
The novel Coronavirus has been a shock to us all, but as we step into a new era. One where
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Creative Ways to Spend Your Free Time as an Academic
Nowadays it is really easy to fall into a work routine and lose sight of the importance of free time
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Handling yourself at a conference_ Dos and Don’ts
Starting to go to conferences is a big step in your junior academic career. You might be taken along as
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Start Up Opportunities for Academics
You’ve been working and studying so hard for so long, and you’re looking forward to finally making some serious money.
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5 Things to know when moving from Argentina to Austria
Argentina and Austria have a lot more in common than being at the start of an alphabetical list. They are
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Why is it an Advantage for an American Academic to Move to Europe?
Europe is a wonderful place full of immersive cultural experiences and diversity everywhere you turn. From cultural customs and food
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