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An advisory portal that documents the things scientists love, to encourage and inspire readers to accomplish their goals.

Scientists to Europe is dedicated to providing tailored information to qualified academics across all scientific fields, who are interested in relocating to exciting career opportunities throughout Europe. By means of continuously providing up-to-date news, travel guides and lifestyle articles personalised specifically to scientists, we hope to educate, inspire and entertain you!

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Under the Northern Lights_ Studying in Svalbard
Science takes place in the most remote places on earth. From mountain tops to the floor of the ocean, perhaps
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Mate Choice: What does the science say?
Choosing our long term romantic partners is one of the most personal decisions we ever make. As rational people, most
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By Matthew R. Wright TV can be both educational as well as entertaining. With the popularity of online streaming services
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Life as a Researcher in Berlin vs Brazil
Life as a researcher involves big changes and you need to be adaptable. If you’re among the hundreds of academics
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4 ways scientific advances are changing our personal relationships
Our friendships, family bonds and romances change over time.  The flows change according to the society we live in. The
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How to know a science career path is right for you
By Taylor Bushey  Science, without a doubt, is a difficult field for a career. You may see many of your
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The Best lifestyle apps to help you during your busy work week
By Taylor Bushey  Needless to say, work can be a busy, stressful mess at times. It can be confusing, frustrating
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7 Sci-Fi movies that are more real than you think
Watching a blockbuster, you might imagine that science fiction is a faraway world of things that could never intrude on
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Best European Vacation Spots for a Scientist
By Taylor Bushey  It’s officially that time of year to book a well-deserved vacation. Keep this year’s more relaxed by
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What makes us happy_ The hard facts
Happiness is the modern day holy grail. We might want to be successful, fit or beautiful but all of those
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