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Scientists to Europe is dedicated to providing tailored information to qualified academics across all scientific fields, who are interested in relocating to exciting career opportunities throughout Europe. By means of continuously providing up-to-date news, travel guides and lifestyle articles personalised specifically to scientists, we hope to educate, inspire and entertain you!

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Everything to expect when your research career goes unexpectedly
By Taylor Bushey  We’ve technically all been there. Life itself will always go in a way that’s unexpected, and that’s
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How to Explain in an Interview a Gap in Your Scientific Career
Going to a job interview is nerve-wracking enough, but if you have to explain a gap in your resume, it
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The Very Best Ways to Stay Energized During a Stressful Work Day
By Taylor Bushey  If you’re anything like me, I’ll push my body to the verge of burnout to make sure
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How to Manage Impostor Syndrome as an Academic
Impostor syndrome is the inaccurate sense that you have achieved your position or been given an opportunity because of a
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Speed Walking Is an Amazing Way to Burn Calories
If you are interested in keeping fit and doing that little bit extra in order to maintain your health, then
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How to cope with short post-doctoral positions
There are a host of jobs where society is well aware of the difficult conditions faced by people in that
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Top 10 Foods to Savor when Having a Mental Crash
By Taylor Bushey  We’ve all been there when it comes down to having a mental crash. We tend to put
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Speaking of hidden treasures in our modern world, Croatia would be one of the most eligible countries to fit the
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We have all at some point seen some of the really amazing movies produced by the movie industry especially movies
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How to Become A Comedian After Your Academic Degree
So you’ve slaved away at the books and earned your degree, now what? What stellar career awaits you? You might
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