Seven Delicious Omelets Scientists Should Try While Visiting Europe

Ah, the omelet! It makes for such a hearty meal! Eggs are packed with high quality proteins, vitamins and minerals, and when it comes to fillings, you can have just about any kind you want!


If you venture outside of the United States, you will find that different cultures offer various kinds of omelets allowing you to be as adventurous with these egg dishes as you please. Here are some great omelets you should try when visiting Europe.


French Onion Omelet: The French omelet is characterized by its cooking style. Here, ingredients are added after the egg is cooked, giving these omelets more of an uncooked taste. Try it out by enjoying the French Onion Omelet or L’Omelette Parmentier which contains eggs and potato and is flavored with butter, parsley, salt and pepper.


German Omelet With Bacon: Who doesn’t love a bacon omelet? This German recipe allows diners to enjoy it at room temperature. In addition to bacon, the omelet contains chives, milk, salt, a generous dash of nutmeg and pepper for flavor.


Hazelnussomeletten: For a completely different take on a German omelet, try the Hazelnussomeletten! Usually served with stewed fruits or berries, this omelet includes grated hazelnuts, milk, flour sugar, butter and a pinch of salt.


Italian Omelet: When visiting Italy, eating a pasta dish is a must! But did you ever consider an omelet with pasta added? This Italian omelet includes ingredients like cottage cheese, Parmesan cheese, mushrooms, spinach, bacon and, you guessed it, angel hair pasta!


Irish Potato Omelet: Ever since the Great Potato Famine, the Irish have been innovative with incorporating potatoes into their cuisine. This omelet features one potato, mashed and cooked, with butter, milk, lemon juice chives and salt and pepper for flavor.


Hungarian Omelet: Breakfast is so ingrained into Hungarian culture, they mention it when greeting each other every day. ‘Minden jut – gyrosan reggeli’ means ‘Nice day, great breakfast’ and it’s the way Hungarians say good morning. A culture like this deserves a great omelet like this Hungarian classic which includes olive oil, red pepper, tomatoes, chives and paprika.


Spanish Omelet: Eggs taste great with a spicy flair! There are a number of Spanish omelets to choose from. The one we went with features green pepper, garlic, red potatoes, onion, ham, cheese and plenty of cilantro!


If you’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to work in Europe, you will certainly be in store for some adventurous cooking. Be sure to try these unique omelet recipes for a true taste of the culture of the countries you are staying in. Which egg dish will be your new favorite?

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