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An advisory portal that documents the things scientists love, to encourage and inspire readers to accomplish their goals.

Scientists to Europe is dedicated to providing tailored information to qualified academics across all scientific fields, who are interested in relocating to exciting career opportunities throughout Europe. By means of continuously providing up-to-date news, travel guides and lifestyle articles personalised specifically to scientists, we hope to educate, inspire and entertain you!

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Top Ten Travel Destinations for Scientists
Ready to get away from it all? Here is a countdown of the 10 of the most interesting and astonishingly
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7 Tips to Keep Your Body Healthy While Getting your PhD
Get Enough Sleep Studies have proven time and time again, that getting enough sleep is vital to our physical and
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7 Unusual Jobs for a Scientist
You can be anything you want to be and if you choose a job as a Scientist your choices are
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Switzerland: A Change of Pace    
The innocent, low stress image many people have of Switzerland may be a little simplistic but there’s enough truth there
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Germany: A World Leader
Germany is a world leader in education and business. Over the years they have implemented changes that have turned their
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Scientist in non academic fields
For those who have completed their PhD’s in a scientific field and are seeking positions, it is important to remember
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Careers after PhD
Searching for a career after receiving your PhD can be difficult to navigate. The good news is that there are
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