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An advisory portal that documents the things scientists love, to encourage and inspire readers to accomplish their goals.

Scientists to Europe is dedicated to providing tailored information to qualified academics across all scientific fields, who are interested in relocating to exciting career opportunities throughout Europe. By means of continuously providing up-to-date news, travel guides and lifestyle articles personalised specifically to scientists, we hope to educate, inspire and entertain you!

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Does your personality change during your research study?
The transition into university study and post-graduate research is an important time in a person’s life. We are all affected
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Are scientists capable of running a company?
Scientists do a lot of things that shape our society. They create innovative cures for the most virulent diseases; build
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Does A Science Degree Make You More Intelligent?
Finishing with a science degree is no easy feat. It involves a lot of hard work and diligence, especially if
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How to start an Instagram Career after your academic degree
Instagram is a social media used by millions of people daily. It has grown to have at least 600 million
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How To Become A Journalist After A Science Degree
Attaining a science degree is not an easy feat. It would require you to be curious, carry out experiments to
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What to do if you feel lonely during your research career
Loneliness is one of the most persistent social problems of the 21st century. Despite living in an interconnected world thanks
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Career Change at 40? It’s Never Too Late
By the time you turn 40 years old, you have many years of work experience under your belt. You’re most
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The Benefits of Drinking Coffee as a Scientist
As a scientist, you work long hours researching and studying. You need to be on top of your game at
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How to Overcome a Love Crisis During Your Research Career
Your life is perfect in your eyes. You’re in a career you enjoy, researching and hypothesizing something new every day,
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