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You see them on the big screen or the tv screen and covers of magazines and you may think you
Finally, the day you have been waiting for arrives after years of hard work, you get to walk across the
When you study hard for a test and then open up the results to see that you have failed, the
The most important thing for a career in STEM is your mind. Your intellect, your raw capacity to compute the
As with living anywhere the cost of living in France will depend on your lifestyle. If you want to go
The world in its current state is a complicated place. As humans, we try to uncomplicate things by understanding them
Smartphones are ingrained into almost every part of our life. If you have a smartphone, you likely use it for
Oxfordshire is a place so beautiful, green and pleasant that anyone would want to work there. The villages are beautiful,
We all need hobbies, to give ourselves a break, take our minds off our work, and give ourselves an alternative
With busy lives and busy careers, a lot of STEM professionals and academics can fall into the trap of assuming
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