Music is the universal language. There are many benefits to listening to music, including feeling relaxed, more creative and more in the flow. The right music can bring back happy memories, make you feel less depressed and improve all around well being. What are some of the best music recommendations for scientists to listen to this summer? Find out more here. Whether you like soulful melodies or instrumental rock, there is something for everyone to enjoy here.


  1. “Grace” by Sam Garrett

This album by the English up and comer is a beautiful acoustic album that is soulful and brilliant. The soft melodies are inspiring and straightforward, and he writes in a way that is relatable to everyone. He explores spirituality, love, and life, so no matter what your faith is you can find something that you enjoy in his music.


  1. “The Wilderness” by Explosions in the Sky


An instrumental album that is deep and contemplative, there is a surprising amount of emotion you can feel in the songs even though they have no words. A mix of acoustic and electronic sounds, the soundscapes produced by Explosions in the Sky range all of the feelings of the human experience.


3.”Hoka” by Nahko and Medicine for the People


Hoka is a phrase that is a call to action by indigenous nations. This album features genius songwriting, epic storytelling and political activism. The group touches on topics that mainstream albums don’t dare address and is a zeitgeist in human rights as well as a return to simple songwriting traditions.


  1. “The Fruitful Darkness” by Trevor Hall


This album is, and it is a moving tale of one man’s spiritual journey. He combines electronic, sound clips of yogis and instruments into a collection that has many layers. The lyrics are intelligent and honest, and every listen reveals another meaning or interpretation.


  1. “Coming Home” Leon Bridges


Coming Home is a return to traditional soul stylings. Listeners will be reminded of Sam Cooke or Al Green, and this young artist has a down to earth appeal that is timeless and classic. Coming Home has a smooth, rock and roll rhythm that talks about every aspect of small-town life.


  1. “We Hear the Ocean” by Lobo Marino


This duo creates impressive soundscapes with earthy drumbeats, harmonium, and amazing vocals. We Hear the Ocean is a spiritual and sincere album that will take you on a musical journey through time and space.


  1.  “In Between Dreams” Jack Johnson


The surfer and guitar player released this album in a recycled paper album cover, and it speaks to his love of the Earth. Every song on this album is a gem, and many of these are classics in their own right. You might recognize a few of them and sing along.


There you have it, the 7 albums scientists should listen to this summer. These albums will move you and inspire you, and might just help you focus more on what really matters in life.

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