Known for its scenic views and diverse geography and culture, Spain is a great place to visit. If you are lucky enough to have a career path that allows you to stay in this wonderful country, and have already explored much of the mainland, we hope you will have time to check out the islands as well. These are great destinations for boating, hiking, surfing, diving and more. If you want to know which islands you should be checking out, scroll down to find out!


Ibiza: You can always find a party in Ibiza! This popular Spanish island is known for its nightclubs, parties and beaches. During the day, you can stroll around its markets and enjoy the many restaurants located on the island. Oh, and be sure to check out Cova de Can Marca, a huge natural cave that is just a boat ride away.


Majorca: This is the largest of the Spanish islands and a great place for relaxing on the beach while enjoying breathtaking, scenic views. If you are looking for a bit of activity, golfing and hiking are also terrific ways to spend the day. And be sure to mark your calendars for Majorca’s annual Jazz Festival, an exciting event that takes place in the spring.


Menorca: Often considered Majorca’s little sister, this island destination offers just as many scenic beaches…without the crowds. The island is less developed, but it pays off in unspoiled scenery and makes a great place for a secluded beach holiday. While there, keep an eye out for its prehistoric monuments that date back to 1300 BC.


Formentera: Just a short boat ride from Ibiza, this island makes for a great alternate destination. It’s known for its white beaches that are often populated by nude sunbathers. Don’t feel quite so adventurous? No worries! You can still enjoy Formentera’s many terrific views like La Mola, a picturesque cliff with a lighthouse.


Gran Canaria: This is one of the largest cities in Spain and is known as a popular destination for honeymoons and family vacations. There are various forms of landscape, including rustic cave villages, that make the island perfect for hiking and biking. Once you have explored the land, be sure to check out the densely populated marine world by taking a dip at one of Gran Canaria’s excellent diving spots.


Spain is a terrific country to visit, and once you have seen much of the main land, these islands each have their own unique characteristics that make them ideal as their own individual vacation spots. We hope you will be able to take a break from your hard work so that you can see what each destination has to offer!

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