Life is busy as a research scientist. There’s just no way around it. Due to your job field, there is a high chance to fall into a sedentary lifestyle, without even realizing it. While you can workout, attend spin classes or jog to get your fitness fix, there’s still only 24 hours in a day. It can feel like there’s just not enough time to get everything done. How are you supposed to manage getting eight hours of sleep, three well-balanced meals and succeed at work, let alone getting a good workout in, right? While it may seem impossible, you can find ways to sneak in some workouts in your jam-packed schedule that can help you keep your healthy lifestyle a priority.

Not just your body suffers When things are chaotic, it may seem like a good idea to skip the gym and the workout altogether to get everything else on your to-do list finished. However, the longer these breaks become, the harder it is to get back into the swing of things. By skipping your fitness routine, more than just your body suffers. Your mind suffers, too.

The endorphins you get from your workouts can often keep you going for the entirety of your day. It’s a great way to start your day because it puts you in a great mood from the very beginning. It’s also likely to keep you happier in your overall life rather than someone who doesn’t workout regularly. When you don’t feel happy or energized your work will falter so it’s important to keep your body moving and alert by getting some good physical activity into your daily routine.

Even a little can go a long way On those days where you just can’t seem to get out of the lab or the office, you can still squeeze some quick and valuable workout movements just about anywhere that you happen to be. Whether that’s just taking the stairs instead of the elevator or fitting in a jog or exercise class on your lunch break, every little bit helps. Even if you can only find ten free minutes in the entire day, those ten minutes are much better spent doing some kind of physical activity rather than scrolling through your Instagram feed. Again.

Long-lasting benefits You’ll never regret working out, whereas you might regret eating some less-than healthy foods, (looking at you, fast food!). Once you manage to get a routine that includes working out, you’ll find yourself feeling better, being more alert and overall just more mindful and happy. You won’t get that same outcome if you’re eating food that’s terrible for you and not making time in your day to workout or even trying to seize the little free time you do have to get a little exercise in.

Conclusion While it’s no secret that the life of a research scientist can keep you pretty booked up, it’s important to realize just how crucial working out is and finding time to make it a priority. Developing a routine that fits time for you to focus on your physical health will overflow into other areas of your life: mental health, happiness and productivity. Even if that means you take

the only spare ten minutes you have to do some planks or a quick jog in place, you and your body deserve it.

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