By Taylor Bushey 

Instagram is arguably one of the most popular social media platforms next to Facebook and Twitter and offers some of the best features that may blend both personal and business use. With that said, this type of platform has the ability to build a business from the ground up, and offer the guaranteed exposure the platform is so well-known for, whether that be through an initial post, livestream or story. By using the below as a guide, each user will have the opportunity to see growth in each of their accounts, creating the success it deserves. 

Make sure the account is created as a business profile Changing or creating an account as a business profile alone gives the user so many more benefits. Not only will they add more credibility to the account, but it instantly unlocks demographic analytics, post reach, and business promotions. All of these features are free and easy to the user whereas a marketing agency or other business may charge to analyze it themselves. 

Understand the brand’s target market In order to successfully communicate to the market, the brand needs to understand who they’re targeting so they know how to talk to them. The communication will not only be visible in the pictures, but also the captions and the tags. Each one has to align together so that there is no miscommunication created for the follower. 

Stay consistent with style and aesthetic There may not have to be a visual theme on the platform, but there does need to be some type of cohesive concept that followers will understand every time they notice the brand. This creates brand recognition. For instance, Starbucks (@starbucks) is known for its deep green logo or background on each of their photos, instantly creating a consistent theme, easily recognizable to the follower. 

Link any business website to the profile Let Instagram serve as a tunnel of extra exposure for not only the marketing on the platform but also the business website when it’s linked in the bio portion of the page. This creates a call-to-action for those that follow the page. When followers take the extra action of looking into the website of the business, it gives the potential customer a more serious look into what it has to offer. 

Promote with Sponsored Hashtags Curate the Instagram page to be searchable with customized hashtags that the brand will be made known for, forming another way to search for posts as well as gain the exposure of potential followers. The use of a hashtag may also be used in order to launch and gain traction on a campaign, and the tag itself will make it measurable for success. 

Have specific timeframes for posting By utilizing different times of the day for posting, Instagram users will notice that some times are more popular than others for engagement. For instance, 5pm – 7pm on weekdays is always a prime time for brands as most followers are scrolling through feeds as they travel commute home from work. 

Utilize all features Instagram offers There shouldn’t be a feature that a brand doesn’t use. The more the business is engaged with its followers, the more followers will reciprocate themselves. Each feature not taken into account is another opportunity missed. Make time during the week to exercise each feature as well as the best content that will work specific to the business that’s being promoted.

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