So you’ve slaved away at the books and earned your degree, now what? What stellar career awaits you? You might want to take a master’s degree, or you might enter a graduate training scheme. You might want to become a research scientist or high-flying stockbroker. But when it really comes down to it, you don’t want anything like that. You have your heart set on becoming a comedian!

All your life you’ve been able to make people laugh. Nothing feels as good as when you’re in the spotlight with people hanging on to your every word, waiting for the punchline. But where do you start? Here are some solid tips for carving out a career in comedy after an academic degree.

  1. Gather Material

You can’t get up there on stage and tell jokes if you haven’t prepared any. There are only a handful of comedians in the world who can be successful completely off the cuff! Be aware of your surroundings during your daily life and remember to note down anything you see that inspires a joke. With observational comedy, your set will soon build.

  1. Practice

Practice makes perfect! Rehearse your routines and your body language whenever you can, both in the mirror and to friends whose opinions you value and respect. It is much better to be given constructive feedback by loved ones than being heckled in a club!

  1. Get on Stage

That being said, you definitely have to bite the bullet at some point! Check out what the live comedy scene is like in your hometown and sign up for some open mic nights and perform gigs in local pubs and clubs. It might seem like the scariest thing in the world at the time, but as soon as you start to get those first few laughs, the adrenaline will carry you through.

  1. Maintain an Online Presence

Something that is very important to modern-day comedy is to maintain a regular presence online. Twitter is a great place for comedians to share their humour with fans and also notify people when you have a performance date coming up. Facebook is great for getting support from people you actually know, but Twitter is a great platform for amassing new fans.

  1. Check Out A Comedy Writing Course

There is much more to stand-up comedy than just thinking you are funny. There is a real art and craft to it, and you can learn this in a neatly packaged way on a comedy writing course. There are plenty to choose from, some online courses, some at real institutions. Do your research and see which is the best fit for you. It will be something familiar to you thanks to your recent history in academia.

To make it in the world of comedy, you need determination as well as storytelling skills. It takes time, effort, practice, and exposure. Keep on smiling!

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