We have all at some point seen some of the really amazing movies produced by the movie industry especially movies related to science i.e. science fiction, technological advancement, science documentaries, etc. but have you ever stopped to think about who makes them, or how they are able to represent some scientific cases, terminologies, concepts, and framework so accurately? Not to mention the movies that are actually made for the purpose of scientific exposure. 

Without a doubt, watching some of these movies has helped laymen and people in other fields of study and occupation to understand some concepts of science even though it’s on a very basic level. This has helped them to further understand science and know-how to interact with scientists as a whole and also feel and know what scientists have to go through to do what they do.

Now to make a regular movie, due to the obvious fact that science is everything around us, there has to be a part of the movie that needs to do with science and definitely, scientists need to be consulted for clarification as well as explanation and guidance, but that would be an entirely different thing in the sense that movie makers could easily get a professional scientist or a group of professional scientists to work with them as consultants and therefore, the scientists won’t really have any role in directing the movie. 

Directing a movie takes a lot of work and experience to be efficient. Movie directors create television shows, motion images, and films to entertain or to inform a particular viewing audience. Movie directors are involved in a lot of things from the creative aspects to the post-production, not leaving out editing and sound design. A director’s work in a movie industry includes picking the script to be made into a movie, auditioning and selecting actors for a movie, they approve and monitor the budget for film production, and they also have to make sure that the movie is completed on time and on budget.

As a scientist, you may have just recently discovered that you have passion for movie directing or you may just be thinking of switching careers to becoming a movie director, but for whatever reason you have, you need to consider the fact that it is a huge switch in career lanes and would require you to do a lot of research and study on how to do it. It may be tedious, but it’s possible. As a scientist, you could start by volunteering to be a consultant on science-related movies to gain experience and exposure to the movie industry, you could take some online directing courses as you go on in order to prove your knowledge and you would begin to find openings and necessary steps to take to actually become a full-time movie director. 

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