Speaking of hidden treasures in our modern world, Croatia would be one of the most eligible countries to fit the description. It would be so due to the large extent of archaeological preservation, as well as the protection of their valued cultured. Croatia has proved to have a huge amount of archaeological treasures that have yet to be discovered and therefore, there is a lot of potential and room for research and vast discoveries to be made in this part of the world. Though there are civilized and sophisticated parts of Croatia, the citizens have strived to preserve most of their ancient technology as well as their architecture. It shows so much room for growth, development and technological advancement. This is something every scientist doesn’t want to miss out on.

The Republic of Croatia is said to have over one thousand unique islands of which a minute number of about forty are inhabited. There is still so much to explore and so much ground to cover as far as Croatia is concerned this also goes far to prove that so much is still left uncovered in the lands of Croatia. On the bright side, Scientists would have enough land and space to conduct experiments of diverse sorts without causing discomfort for the locals.

The Republic of Croatia (Republika Hrvatska) is a country located at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe on the Adriatic Sea, and is blessed with many of earth’s natural resources some of which are: Oil, Coal, Bauxite, Low-grade iron ore, Calcium, Gypsum, Natural asphalt, Silica, Mica, Clays, Salt, Hydropower etc. Croatia, being a country surrounded by the sea, has access to various resources that can further be used to carry out major experiments and further research.

Also, Croatia has quite some research facilities like the Croatian Operational Research Society which is a professional non-profit organization for the scientific field of Operations Research in Croatia whose main objective is to make sure that operations Research in is well promoted in Croatia and the world at large for the benefit of science and society. They also have the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and other institutes that specialize in scientific research and development.

So, as a scientist looking for room to grow and learn more while having space, time and resources, to go about and do thorough research, Croatia being an archaeological site, is a tourist attraction and therefore, they welcome tourists and support scientific research in their country as it would further help to assist their reputation, significance and overall outlook to the world and that make it a place filled with scientific wonders and an awesome choice for you.

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