By Taylor Bushey 

We’ve all been there when it comes down to having a mental crash. We tend to put more on ourselves now more than ever, even when our bodies are telling us they’ve had enough. Even so, sometimes we still want to power through to finish up that final project or run that last errand before heading home. By adding a few of these foods to a daily routine, it can be found that we may have more energy and ultimately put the natural fuel we need back into our bodies. 

Cinnamon Aside from the fact that it’s a sugary topping that can be enjoyed on top of vanilla ice cream or in a hot coffee, it wakes the brain up, especially when struggling to get out of bed in the morning. Sprinkle it on top of some oatmeal in the morning to jumpstart the body’s metabolism, instantly waking up the entire body itself. 

Oatmeal Speaking of oatmeal, it too is a rockstar food for the brain. The food is packed with fiber and keeps one full all throughout the morning, sustaining their focus on whatever agenda they have for the day. The food even sends oxygen to the brain, allowing for it to have a healthy intake throughout the day. 

Apples The famous saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” actually works well in this instance. The antioxidants help improve brain health while also working to prevent any neuro-diseases. According to Stemlits, a family-owned fruit company, there have been reports stating that apples may prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. 

Salmon No matter what the experts may tell you, even the body needs the fatty portions of select foods. As long as it’s in moderation like everything else, it helps the body. Salmon is filled with fatty acids that help the brain retain new information, perfect for when taking in a lot of new details all at once. 

Dark Chocolate Even the mental part of the body needs a little sweetness. Dark chocolate, most likely the healthiest version of chocolate naturally wakes up the body with a small dose of caffeine. It also improves blood flow, which is especially good for when someone is stuck at the desk all day. 

Pumpkin Seeds Not only is it the season for everything pumpkin, but the seeds themselves are rich in nutrients. Seeds from a pumpkin actually work to improve memory retention, and it’s found to be rich in magnesium. They’re best roasted and lightly buttered for a crisp taste. 

Cured Meats Like salmon, cured meats are an excellent source of fatty acids to retain brain cognition. Meats such as prosciutto or pastrami would be wonderful on a sandwich or delicious as a snack paired with cheese. 

Raw Vegetables These colorful foods will forever be a superstar for mental development. With each having a specific specialty such as carrots improving eye-sight, they’re one of the best foods to have on a daily basis either as a snack or as a side during a meal. 

Sweet Potatoes There’s nothing like a warm sweet potato topped with butter and cinnamon sugar. The food is an awesome side to dinner because it keeps anyone full and focused. It also reduces any inflammation in the brain, keeping it healthy. 

Almonds By preserving memory and keeping the body alert, there’s a lot of power in food as small as this one. Add it to a trail mix for a supporting snack during the workday or indulge by buying them dipped in chocolate as a dessert.

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