By Taylor Bushey 

If you’re anything like me, I’ll push my body to the verge of burnout to make sure all my tasks are completed not only at work but also in my personal life. In some instances, taking a break isn’t available as an option. As a way to be able to power through the stress of the day, keep the energy with a few of the following tips. 

Take a walk during your lunch break There’s nothing better than getting the body moving after sitting at a desk for hours. Even if the job requires movement, it’s always a good idea to walk away from the area for at least a few minutes in order to grasp a mental refresh and get the blood flowing through the body again. It’s also one of the best remedies to clear the headspace in order to have a powerful bounce back at work. 

Keep the workspace bright and organized Psychologically, a dull or dark workspace brings down the mood substantially. Lift up the look of the desk either by decluttering or adding a brightening touch like fresh flowers or a few happy pictures of you and your friends. A little happy touch will always go a long way, especially when your boss is requiring more of you. 

Don’t work on one task for too long Sometimes by switching up the tasks on the list throughout the day, it mentally challenges the brain to switch things up, and it also trains it to stay aware. Switch up the tasks about every hour or so, or however often as you like. As long as the task is completed, the change in tasks will act as a good break in the day. 

Drink water infused with citrus Not only is staying hydrated a great way to clear the mind during a trying day, but the citrus acts as a natural cleanser on the body. Plus, the taste of fruit adds a little bit more of a refresh than the standard cup of H2O. I personally love adding a ton of lemon wedges or oranges to keep me going on the laptop. 

Make a checklist A checklist itself is so satisfying! No matter how stressed one may feel, it’s a relief to know that the effort to completing the task is paying off as someone can visually see it. When crossing off each task, it acts as an instant gratification that you know longer have to worry about that particular project. 

Limit shift changes If someone has a schedule that consistently changes multiple times a week, it can actually prove to be more physically draining on the body than one may initially think. The body almost loses it’s mental alarm clock and there is a loss of routine. To limit the strain, either strive to keep a consistent workflow, or create some type of routine with yourself that won’t impact your work schedule. 

Listen to different music genres throughout the day Music instantly boosts the mood or keeps someone mentally concentrated for an extended period of time. To extend it further, switch up the genre so that the brain is challenged to stay focused during a long day of work.

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