By Taylor Bushey 

We’ve technically all been there. Life itself will always go in a way that’s unexpected, and that’s something that everyone should already expect. Although sometimes it’s a little tougher when it comes down to a career path. Several people want their career to go perfectly, especially research because of the immense effort put into it. With all the twists and turns that come with a research career, here’s everything to expect when it’s going in the way one might not have hoped. 

It’s able to be used positively Take the unexpected parts of the career exactly the way it is, a learning curve. No one in their career will ever be able to grow or become better in their career if they allow something to immediately trump them instead of facing the existing problem right when it occurs. By looking at the situation from a different perspective, there becomes an opportunity for a positive outcome. 

Unexpected discoveries may be in your favor In a research career, everyone needs to be prepared for the unexpected because no one can really know all the possibilities of what can be found. In some instances, what one may want is not always what one may need. This can also be applied to those in research. Instead of becoming upset with the new discovery, look at it in a way that could benefit the ultimate project, even if that means reevaluating from the initial examination. 

Not everyone will agree with you Sometimes the discoveries one will make and the conclusions that someone will come to won’t be agreed by all. Expect this in every career. However, in research, it may work in your favor. Research is meant to be challenged as it allows for a better understanding of what is found and the overall outcome of what should be done with the discovery. Other perspectives should be welcomed, and although frustrating at times, may be used to better the initial reason for the project. 

It will push you outside your comfort zone What is a career if it’s not meant to push you for the better? It’s never known when or how this will happen, but it will. To not let it throw you, take it as it is, a gift. Looking at the situation as a present transforms the whole mood for how the situation should be approached. No one on this earth is meant to have a comfortable life, but more so one with all the twists and turns as it’s the real gift in the end. We just may not enjoy the initial look of the package. 

The unexpected will help you develop a better relationship with yourself At the end of the day, every situation or discomfort someone may experience in their life, actually allows them to understand themselves more. Whether it’s their reaction to an event or 

self-discovery on what they’re passionate about, life allows you to delve into bettering how you feel about yourself because it provides the situations that you otherwise wouldn’t experience.

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