By Taylor Bushey 

It’s interesting when watching how people respond to different topics such as spirituality and science. There’s always an interesting argument to be had with each, and they both have their well-known controversies. Each subject is extremely important to the development of one’s self, whether that be emotionally or logically. These topics also impact each person differently as they walk their own life path. 

When I think of science, I think of logical thoughts supported by heavily researched facts. I think of the way society has modernized itself, and how much science has been able to impact the quality of life. Whether it be through simple medical practice or an amazing discovery documented through an advanced experiment, there is much to be grateful for from the power of the study. 

If I’m thinking of spirituality, I immediately think of the concept of faith and how it keeps the subject alive. Spirituality is not a topic that is backed up by solid proof or fact for the individual that may need to see physical results. Spirituality is a sense of trust and has a more personal touch on each individual, not comparable to any other. 

It can be argued that science and spirituality are two topics that are on two completely different ends of the spectrum and that it may be weird to think that the two could blend seamlessly at all. True, because in a way, both require opposite ways of thinking. 

Over the years, both topics and the people who practice them have been known to have different thoughts. A scientist’s career is only really supported by the research done and the proof lifted from it. Science is the seeing, not necessarily believing. 

With that said, science unintentionally has been able to bring spiritual practices to the front of the room. For example, for those that believe in psychic mediums, they use another part of the brain more frequently than those who are not deemed as intuitive. It’s not that every person can’t tap into more than others, but rather, it’s only easier for some. 

Thankful to modern technology, there has been a study done to prove the method behind an intuitive person. According to Amen Clinics, during a psychic reading, the person’s brain was scanned and compared to the same person before the reading, showing different signs in brain activity, proving that something different was actually happening at the time. 

In another instance, this same method was proved during the practice of reiki, a spiritual holistic healing method. No one is able to see reiki healing during the time of the session, so many believe the practice is only psychological or a placebo effect. During the time of treatment, the same type of study was done on the patient receiving reiki. Their leg was scanned before treatment and during, with evidence showing movements in the leg during the session. 

With proof from research, and the belief gathered from multiple individuals, spirituality has already made a progression into the scientific field, although it’s been extremely slow. 

Having friends in the medical field, it’s known that reiki practitioners have been hired in major hospitals and for shock trauma centers for on-sight treatment. Reiki practitioners have also been known to begin working with anesthesiologists during surgery in order to reduce the recovery time. 

There are certain psychic mediums capable of scanning the body and diagnosing a patient from their own intuition and have been supported by the tests done by the doctors. 

With all of this currently occurring, this is not to say that this has been a smooth transition or blending of the two subjects. Many medical researchers and scientists had a hard time believing until new technology became available to capture these moments. Still, there are several who are still skeptical, and numerous facilities who haven’t even begun to introduce one to the other. However, since the transition has already started, it won’t be reversed. 


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