By Taylor Bushey 

Dating is already difficult, but it’s especially hard if you or your significant other are pursuing a career that has their attention pulled in another direction. With that being said, the act of growing a relationship is work, no matter the circumstances. Follow these best practices for your best dating venture, even when a high-priority job is involved. 

  1. Respect their schedule 

When getting involved with someone else, you need to understand and respect their schedule, whether it be a packed itinerary or only sprinkled with a few activities. If you’re making the decision to start dating someone, you as well as your partner are agreeing to date the way they plan out their life. 

  1. Make the time for a date 

Dating takes time, and no matter what, that time can be pulled from somewhere if the effort is there. If you know you have a late-night ahead, maybe meet for a sweet coffee date in the morning. If you aren’t available at all during the week, make sure you block out a day over the weekend to do a fun activity like going to the park with a picnic or taking a day trip to explore somewhere new. 

  1. Utilize the technology you have for proper communication 

Technology should be there to help, not hinder. If you aren’t available to meet up, then take a few extra minutes to pick up the phone and call them. Hearing someone’s voice is a lot more special than a text message and the time gap in responses won’t be there, so you can actually have a conversation with them. 

  1. Fully accept the profession they chose 

Sometimes, the profession you and your significant other choose is extremely different. There could be a major shift in lifestyle and overall perception of quality of life. Knowing and understanding that this is a relationship that you want, then you understand that there may be changes involved. Also know that by doing this, it doesn’t compromise who you are as a person at the end of the day. 

  1. Realistically ask yourself if this is something you want 

With all that being said, have a mature conversation with yourself and ask if you’re ready for a relationship at the time or if there are other areas of your life that take higher priority. If that’s the case, then it’s a major step to know if you have to walk away to reevaluate and focus on what you want in the moment. This will not only be healthier for you but also the right step to take when involving someone else. 

  1. Give your partner the confidence that you’ll be there during the busy times 

Even when life is at its busiest, give them the opportunity that you’ll try to be there for them no matter the circumstance. If you’re the CEO of your company or running a demanding project, check in with your partner and let them know of your presence, even if it is as distance. 

  1. Keep work and personal life separate 

When you finally have the free time with your significant other, learn to put the phone down and give your full attention to them. This shows that you value them in your life, and both of your time is important. Work is already a main point in your life, so it’s healthy to put it away during these special times.

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