By Taylor Bushey 

The holiday season may not only be packed full of cheer, but also a few question marks, especially when it comes to gift giving to each special person in your life. One of the easiest ways to spot the perfect gift is by knowing some of their main interests and then making it the gift theme. If it’s one a little tricky such as science, then we definitely have the best list for you to choose. 

  1. Chemistry Glass Terrarium 

Upgrade a scientist’s home with modern-looking decor that is an ode to their choice in career. A chemistry glass terrarium is a fun shape that may add just the right amount of refreshment to a room. Plant fresh herbs such as Basil or Thyme, so the receiver may use it all year long. 

  1. Beer Chemistry Pint Glass Set 

For the one that’s officially off the clock and ready to relax for the evening, gift him with a beer pint glass set decorated with all different types of molecules. It’s a unique way to decorate a beer glass and a cool alternative to show that someone may be into the science field. 

  1. Chemist’s Spice Rack 

All cooks maybe a chemist in the kitchen! This spice rack set is able to illustrate this as each glass is made to like it’s individual test tube. Fill each tube with a different spice and have them hang on the rack to get the full feel of being in a lab instead of the kitchen. 

  1. Premium Music Subscription to Spotify 

Even the best scientist need a little extra motivation to make it through their day. Have them skip all the advertisements this year and listen to all their favorite music instead. The tunes will have them better concentrated throughout the day, and they’ll always be reminded of the best gift giver each time they turn on Spotify

  1. A Year Subscription to ClassPass 

Sometimes it’s harder to stay active when a career like this one can be so demanding. Make your gift something they will not only enjoy but benefit from in a healthy way. ClassPass is an app designed so that the customer may take all different types of workouts and self-care practices whenever she pleases throughout each month. 

  1. An On-Theme Book 

Give the gift of a good book, which so happens to be right on theme for a scientist. The book Brief Answers to Big Questions by Stephen Hawking is a sought-after book by many in the industry. Being quite the page-turner, this is exactly what they’ll enjoy while having a couple of days off to themselves. 

  1. Noise-Cancelling Headphones 

For someone in research mode and in a noisy environment, this gift practically screams “Perfection”. Sony is a popular brand that specializes in noise-canceling headphones, and this pair is just the type for someone who has a long day ahead and can’t afford any distractions. 

  1. Casper Nap Pillow 

Having been on several lists for one of the best gifts to give, it’s needless to say the Casper Nap Pillow would be the perfect gift for almost anyone. Perfectly plush and travel-friendly, this is a gift that will be used all year long, and great for that person in your life who can’t wait to take a restful break. 

  1. The World’s Strongest Coffee 

Feed the caffeine addiction to its full capacity with the gift of the world’s strongest coffee. As someone who has a sister in the science/medical field, she’d be the one who’d especially appreciate this gift because her days consist of multiple cups of caffeine. A gift so simple, yet unique may also just be the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who needs a hefty caffeine fix. 

  1. Virtual Reality Headset

As it is one of technology’s biggest trends of the moment, why not celebrate by giving it a super cool gift? Better than a traditional video game, virtual reality lets the player not only see but also feel the action as it progresses. The concept is an upgraded version of a PlayStation, and anyone remotely into technology, can’t wait for it to be in their possession. 

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