By Taylor Bushey 

It’s officially that time of year to book a well-deserved vacation. Keep this year’s more relaxed by looking to travel to Europe’s more subtle yet beautiful destinations. Whether it’s a peaceful stay in the mountains with the option to ski, or a quiet beach with much needed Vitamin D, we have all the best spots listed for you. 

Tossa de Mar, Spain Tossa de Mar is known for some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Start your vacation there, allowing yourself to finally finish that book you started six months ago and relax. Then take yourself out to the oldest part of town for some sight-seeing such as the Parish church of Saint Vincent and the Tossa de Marc castle. 

Brasov, Romania This historic, romantic part of the world is the perfect spot to travel with your significant other. Start by touring the older streets and even try to find the oldest street (String Street) in all of Europe. Then take the cable car up to Tampa Mountain and take in the sweeping views. 

Lake Como, Italy If you’re planning a trip to Italy, then this is a must-see area. Lake Como is a historic area in Italy that has recently grown in popularity. The lakes and villages are a gorgeous site, perfect for your inner photographer. Take the ferry to explore all the scenery and feel refreshed as it’s truly an escape from reality. 

Crete, Greece Another wonderful opportunity to venture to some beautiful beaches, Crete should definitely be on your list. Take in the historical castles and winding alleys. While you’re there, take it as the perfect opportunity to also brush up on all the greek mythology you’ll encounter on your trip. 

Stockholm, Sweden Stockholm is the perfect place to venture for the historical side of you. Known for its numerous museums such as The Vasa, Modern Art and Medieval museums, it’s quite an experience for a history lesson. Also, be sure to see their famous photo gallery Fotografiska for amazing photography. 

Nuuk, Greenland For a not-so-warm destination, travel to Nuuk, Greenland for a snowy adventure. Located on the coast, the capital is known for its waterfalls and icebergs. Try their seafood, which includes whale and seal meat. You can also take an art walk along the coast, or even go hiking/skiing in the mountains. 

Bergen, Norway 

Disconnect and fly to Bergen for a low-key trip to another beautiful city. Take a day and hike to the top of the mountain for a view like no other. Indulge in their famous cinnamon buns and walk down to the fish market to pick up some dinner. Also, don’t forget to take the time to go out and see all the wonderful art they have on display in their museums. 

Brussels, Belgium Gather the best inspiration for your dream home by taking in all of the architecture that this city has to offer. While there, take a moment to experience some of the fashion the have displayed in their costume museum. If you’re in the mood for a drink, take the beer tour with friends and experience all the different flavors you never knew existed.

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