By Taylor Bushey 

Needless to say, work can be a busy, stressful mess at times. It can be confusing, frustrating and demanding all at once no matter the career field. To combat even the most trying of weeks, listed below are a few favorite apps that will help all of us get everything back on track and run a little more smoothly. 

Focus Booster 

In the middle of the workweek, it can get difficult to stay motivated and on track of your scheduled work. Utilize the app Focus Booster to maximize the time you have to get all your work done and take frequent breaks in between each task. The app tracks the time for you, balances your goals and helps improve productivity for better performance results. 


Upgrade the way you take notes, so you’ll never miss an important detail ever again. Take advanced notes by saving documents from the web, using curated templates and scanning handwritten papers to keep everything all in one place. You also have the ability to sync everything to multiple devices and share with your work team so no one will have the chance to miss any important points. 

Adobe Scan 

Track and keep every legal document with the ability to scan everything to your phone instantly. Adobe Scan allows you to scan in any type of document so that you have the opportunity to send copies to your coworkers or keep contracts on file. There’s nothing better than having an extra space to store critical information. 


If you’re constantly at networking events like myself, then it is most certainly the app for you. After a successful afternoon of communicating to potential new business partners, keep the information they give you safe by scanning in their business cards. CamCard is an app that creates the ability to instantaneously pick up all the information on someone’s business card and moves it to your contact list automatically. 


Keep all your expenses on track, especially if you need to travel for work. Expensify is a software company that allows you to scan in receipts and record miles to keep you and your business informed of all your spending habits. 


If you happen to be a freelancer like me, Toggl will definitely come in handy as you work and complete each project. Toggle is designed to track how much time you spend on each project and can help demonstrate where your time can be utilized in a way that’s more valuable to you. Link Toggl to any browser you decide to work from for accurate time logging. 


Take charge of when to connect with your employees through Skedulo. This is an app that simplifies complex work schedules, especially if you happen to manage a large team. Create automated employee scheduling, have a visual representation at how each employee is scheduled and effectively communicate when there’s a change on short notice. 

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