By Taylor Bushey 

Science, without a doubt, is a difficult field for a career. You may see many of your colleagues in the library or science lab for several days as they strive to complete a project, and some may not be successful at first. However, science itself is also rewarding. To discover new data and to be a part of an intricate experiment is something to take pride in. With all of the career’s trials and errors, follow below to see if it just might be a good fit for you. 

  1. You persevere in difficult projects 

No matter the project you may be assigned, you see yourself striving to do your best no matter the subject or circumstance. The project is seen as a reflection of yourself and your work ethic, and it’s something that needs to be shown. If it’s a project you find to be a challenge, you won’t want to walk away. Instead, the intrigue that will build, will last from beginning to finish. 

  1. Constantly curious to learn more 

For you, the lesson doesn’t stop after a professor finishes explaining his portion. The lesson only opens a door that will keep building until you finally find it to be enough. Whether it’s a dive into a topic such as neurology or something as simple as a short math equation, you are the one that keeps yourself busy to learn more every time. 

  1. Flexible to work independently and in group projects 

No matter how the project or experiment needs to be conducted, you have the patience to examine the information with a group of people or independently. In a science career, it’s especially important that you are skilled at both as you will be challenged to do both almost daily. There may be times that you are working on multiple projects at once, and having the ability to be versatile in your work ethic will make the work all that much easier. 

  1. Has high math skills 

At least half of a science career will be math-oriented, so it’s particularly important that your math skills are at their best. Whether the math concepts come to you easier than others, it matters that you are constantly working to improve and that you like the process of the work along the way. 

  1. Enjoys taking on challenges 

As voiced earlier, you are intrigued by the concept of a challenge. Your mind is wired to figure out how to overcome them and create the conclusions they need in order to proceed in your career. Every day, you’ll walk into work with multiple challenges, so it’s especially important that this part of your day is greeted openly. 

  1. Excellent organizational skills 

Not only is this an important skill to have in science, but also in almost every career you pursue. In science, this is especially critical when conducting any type of lab work. When mixing chemicals or analyzing different data, it’s crucial to not mix anything up as it could create harmful situations.

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