Nowadays it is really easy to fall into a work routine and lose sight of the importance of free time and spending it in enjoyable, stimulating ways. Sometimes, the best way to break this routine is by starting a new, nonconventional hobby.


  • Start a blog


Blogs are one of the best and cheapest ways to express your thoughts to a larger audience, and it is so easy to start one as well. All you need is a blog platform, a cool theme and a great idea for what you’d like to showcase on your blog, and you can get started.

One of the best such platforms is WordPress: it is easy to navigate and set-up, and also it is free to use. if you are more serious about starting a blog, there are ways to buy your own domain and host your own blog: you will be able to fully monetize it, and you own it 100%. Prices differ from one provider to another, so it’s worth researching before getting right into it. 


  • Bullet journaling


There are ways to get creative even with something as mundane as your daily schedules and plans, through bullet journaling. This hobby combines the craftiness of scrapbooking and drawing simple but cute illustrations, with people’s wish to be more organised about their work, deadlines or personal plans. 

You can include anything you want in your bullet journal, and there are plenty of resources online for themes and illustrations to try out and include in your own personal journal.


  • Buying/selling antiques


If you are passionate about history and interested in trying out a nonconventional free-time activity, buying and selling antiques might be the choice for you. It is not as hard to get into as people may think, but you do need to be careful about a few things.

Finding a trustworthy dealer is essential, to make sure you only purchase authentic items. Then you need to get involved with your desired market and study the prices and trends. And of course, only invest in items you are really interested in: that’s what this hobby is all about after all.


  • Stamp collecting


A great way to spend your time is collecting items, and stamps are one of the most collected items in the world. Stamps can be obtained from many places: vintage stores sell them, post offices might sell them in bulk depending on where you are from, and some people even get them from family and friends. 


  • Start writing a book


Starting a book is always a daunting task: coming up with an idea and thinking of ways to put it on paper seems difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Writing can be just a leisure activity, and anyone can do it. Even if you never end up publishing it, it can be a huge accomplishment to finish such an ambitious project. 

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