Time in a lockdown can seem long. A major part of this is because it can feel like you aren’t achieving anything or making any progress on important tasks. For most people this is an illusion, there are a variety of useful things you can be doing during your time at home. Some of them, you might have been meaning to do your whole life and finally have the chance to do now. 

The first suggestion is the most normal kind of work. Most of us have some sort of work that can be done at home. If you have been able to bring a laptop home with you, you could review your data, answer your emails, redraft a grant proposal or continue work on a paper. If you need to catch up on your reading or reach out to a colleague, this is a perfect time to get on top of it.  This time could be the opportunity to finally get ahead of the game and get your organisation on point. 

The next thing to try is sorting out the paperwork that you have hanging around at home. Most of us have an inbox full of old emails or a binder full of old bills that we have been waiting for you to sort through them. Figure out which papers need to be shredded or unsubscribed from and which ones are important for your records. You can use this time to make your space peaceful and your bills organised.  

The next item on your lockdown to-do list is a physical clear out. Go through your old clothes, make a pile of things to donate to charity, a pile of things to get rid of and a pile of things that need to be fixed. If you can’t take anything out of your apartment, sort the items carefully for transit after lockdown is lifted. Keeping unnecessary items out of your immediate living space is a useful way to make your home more pleasant now and in the longer term. 

This is a good time to seize the opportunity to begin a creative project. If you have always wanted to learn how to draw or play an instrument or sew, now is the time to gather up your supplies and have a go. You can devote some serious hours to mastering a new skill and come out of your lockdown with an extra string to your bow. You will have news to tell friends and a sense of progress. This could be the time to start that project you’ve always wanted to. 

Another option to make good use of your time would be to try a new practical skill. There are plenty of options to learn new things online, there are free language learning apps, websites and online courses on coding and programming. The skills you learn now will come back out into the world with you and allow you to get a lift on your next professional project or travel plans. 

This is only the start of your productive options, so get to work. 


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