By Taylor Bushey 


Coronavirus (COVID-19) is most likely one of the most talked about topics on the news. It’s a pandemic that’s not only affecting a portion of individuals, but it’s affecting nearly everyone globally. Whether it’s someone who is ill or someone who has been laid off from all the store and service closures, everyone will be feeling the current affairs for months to come.

A vaccine will be possible In fact, medical professionals are already conducting clinical trials for the vaccine, and it will hopefully be available soon. This virus affects so many people differently and causes different symptoms for nearly everyone. This specific strain of the virus is also new to the public, so finding a vaccine won’t happen as fast as many would like. 

Conferences are shut down Since life has been put on halt, that means all meetings including conferences have either been canceled or postponed. No one can or should be traveling at this time, so it makes it so much harder to organize a conference with not attendees. Since conferences are canceled, then valuable meetings are not able to take place and some can’t move forward with their business. 

All precautions should be taken Whether it’s washing your hands or doing a deep-cleaning of the house, this is an aggressive virus that lasts in the air and on surfaces for a long time. No precaution is too big at this time as it’s highly contagious. We shouldn’t only think of ourselves in this pandemic, but also others whose immune systems may not be capable of fending off the sickness. 

The economy will take a dip despite other efforts No matter the government relief or aid a country may provide, there will still be a dip in the economy globally. With this economic nosedive, months will go by before we start to see it return to normal. A sense of normalcy will take longer to achieve because of the radical switch the world took to get out of it in the first place. 

Academics have lost their job Anyone is at risk of losing their job, especially those with an academic degree. If a business can’t run properly or is being forced to shut down the virus, then hundreds of thousands of workers are not needed. This causes the business to lose money and employees to lose their jobs because there is no need for them. 

This will create a man-made recession/depression Even though it’s arguable that certain nation’s were already on their way to a depression, it will now be fast-tracked to a man-made recession and potential depression. Looking at the housing markets, banks and overall spending the world has been a part of, there is no real noticeable sign other than the precautions taken for COVID-19 that has started to sink the economy. 

Researchers are exposed to the virus To anyone that’s out on the front lines fighting the virus, that means they are exposed to the virus. People such as those working in the hospitals or researching for a cure to the madness of the virus, are putting themselves at risk every time they choose to go to work. 

It will have to get worse before it gets better As we still are seeing a rise in COVID-19 cases every day and more employees are getting laid off from businesses shutting down, the entire situation has room to get even worse before it can get better. We still don’t know everything about the virus including any long term side effects it could have on the body later in life. 

The virus will slow down globally We’ve already seen the spread slow down in some of the first countries that came into contact with the virus. This will continue as each country learns and continues to take their own precautions moving forward. 

Universities are closed In order to contain the spread of the virus, all schools are being shut down and students are instructed to try and learn from home. This puts a strain on both the student and the teacher. Professors are being forced to act quickly and teach in a new setting, which will affect the learning ability each student has in the degree they’re pursuing. 

The virus will never fully go away This isn’t the first time anyone has ever heard of the virus, but it is the first time this type of strain has been able to expand this far this fast. It will never fully go away and may even develop new strains in the years to come. However, by being exposed to this type of pandemic, hopefully, we’ll be able to better deal with its spread in the near future.

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