You’ve finished your exams and you’re raring to go. You want to share your subject knowledge with a wide audience. YouTube is the way to go. Many academics have become famous after starting their channels: Jordan Peterson, Hermione Lee, and Terry Eagleton to name only three. 

It is simple to set up your channel, though making it successful will require some hard work. The key success is to provide information that people are looking for.  Slowly build up your own personal brand that will attract people who are interested in you and what you are talking about. Steadily putting out content that people enjoy will give you a loyal band of subscribers who may be willing to buy from you and your affiliate partners. 

The first step is to know your audience. What do your potential subscribers look like? Think about the language they speak, their age, gender, and educational level. Are you going to be vlogging about a particular topic? Is there anything special or unique about you that will draw others to your channel? Open up YouTube and get started. If any of the technical aspects faze you, you can pay someone to help you.

 You need a good channel name. If your channel is about a specific topic you need to mention that in the name. Make it catchy, memorable, and use simple spelling. Random names might sound cool but they won’t be so easy to find. 

Now you are ready to write your channel description. Make sure you mention the type of channel in the first sentence and the topics of your first few videos. This will help you to show up in the search. You can also add keywords to your channel: go to Channel in the Creator Studio and click on Advanced to add them. Keywords let people know what your content is about. This will help your ranking in the YouTube search.

Next, you need a channel banner. This is a great visual aid that lets viewers get the feel of you and your content. The banner lets subscribers know that you will be entertaining, informative, and personal as well as hinting at your content. It’s a good idea to have your face on the banner and a slogan. 

The next step is to upload a profile picture. You want a professional-looking headshot as this picture will show up in the search and every time you comment on someone’s video. 

It’s a good idea to make a trailer as your first video. This should be short and snappy, telling people exactly what the channel is about without a lot of waffle.  Make all your videos in a similar style so people know what they are getting. Keep updating your content regularly. 

Now it’s up to you to create fantastic content.


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