The Biotech sector has been booming for several years now and it looks set to continue. Even in choppy waters, there is an intense level of demand for medical and technological solutions to the problems that shorten lives and reduce the quality of life available to patients. Startups frequently offer the kind of inventive thinking that is necessary for huge leaps forward in the field of health-related tech. If you’re looking for a new role or to begin your career at a start-up, here are some strong contenders. 

 AURUM Biosciences is a biotech and pharmaceutical development company working on creating novel oxygen carriers and software to run in tandem with MRI scanners, used together this is going towards their lead products which may significantly improve the management identification of Acute Ischaemic Strokes. 

Their lead line is called GOLD and they will shortly be moving forward to a phase 2 clinical trial. They have other irons in the fire though, with the intention to move into projects relating to heart disease and epilepsy and other areas of high medical need. The leadership team has over a century of experience between them but they have congregated as a team to bring together the best of both worlds with experience and a fresh operating style. 

TC BioPharm leads with CAR-T products which work on improving the survival and remission rates of cancer patients in both adult and pediatric patient groups by engaging multidisciplinary teams of scientists. Car-T therapies are used in the most serious cases in the world’s best hospitals so the sense of reward is enormous. For those from an interdisciplinary background, working as part of their team is a great opportunity to pursue that working style in the industry. Their office in London is twinned with one in Leiden, so some extra travel and interaction is a possibility as well. 

For those interested in CAR-T therapy but looking for a semi-academic culture, look at Autolus. They also work in this area but with a more significant focus on the quality of life for the patient cohort. Many researchers are also associated with University College London and a sense of academic integrity is obvious in their work. 

Those with half an eye on the markets might find Prokarium is a good fit for them. It is a venture capital-backed project with pipeline projects focused on global disease burdens including Yersinia pestis and chlamydia infections. As a young company, they already have government links and are involved in several clinical trials which speaks to the determination and drive of their team. Their synthetic platform is being tested for use as a part of a microbial immunotherapy package and the team are keen to hear speculative applications from molecular biologists, immunologists and bio-engineers. 

Orchard Therapeutics could be as sweet as the name suggests if you have expertise in genetics or immunology. Their stock price has been rising steadily and they have 3 products currently in clinical trials. They work on high-value treatments which address rare genetic conditions, some with autoimmune elements. They have managed to make a commercial success of medicines that the bigger players on the scene struggled with, if you’re looking for a company on the up, this is where you want to be. 

Get ready to reach out for the next big breath of fresh air in your professional development. 

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