Oxfordshire is a place so beautiful, green and pleasant that anyone would want to work there. The villages are beautiful, the towns are historic and the universities are world-class. Luckily, there is also a thriving bio-research sector. Here are five examples of booming bio-research companies in the area to advance your research career in the most gorgeous surroundings. 

MiroBio specialises in therapeutic antibody therapies aimed at improving lives and outcomes for patients with autoimmune and inflammatory conditions. The company was started by a team of immunologists from Oxford University and it has spent the last 2 decades peering into the mysteries of how T-cells signal and the associated processes. As a private project of ex-university researchers, MiroBio attracts a healthy package of investment from commercial and academic sources. Based in Oxford itself, the company still benefits from close links to the academic community and ongoing clinical experiments in the area. 

PsiOxus Therapeutics Ltd is a trans-Atlantic company with several products at the development stage for the treatment of various cancers. They have a focus on immunotherapeutic approaches to providing oncological treatment options. With a number of therapeutic candidates in clinical trials already, there is a real chance to make a difference in the field by contributing to the research on oncolytic viral therapy and gene expression therapies. Their base in Oxfordshire is modern, well equipped and friendly. 

Oxford Biomedica has been making their mark for over 20 years in the field of gene-based medicine. It is another case of University academics establishing a private spin-off project to pursue their own interests and drive the field forward. They work across the areas of cancer treatment, retinopathy, and Parkinson’s disease. They combine the expertise of bio-scientists and engineers to create a smooth process that maximizes efficiency and a fluid pipeline for their research to move into the ‘real world’ application. 

Jazz Pharmaceuticals is a multinational player in the biopharmaceutical field which focuses on identifying and working to meet unmet patient needs. For those who are interested in the physiological issues that affect sleep in humans, they work at an advanced level in a relatively young field. The company also makes an important contribution to the fields of hematology and oncology. With over a dozen global offices, for the young professional looking to travel, this is a perfect choice. 

Immunocore is a biotech research company who is joining the fight to advance T-Cell related therapies. They are developing antigen receptor-based therapies, a new category of cancer treatments and medications for infectious diseases as well as autoimmune conditions. They work with many of the bigger players in the pharmaceutical research industry and large charities like the Gates Foundation. They have a reputation for a forward-thinking culture and their facility in Abingdon is state of the art, comfortable and accessible from a host of beautiful villages.

Oxfordshire is a picturesque, semi-rural area but their bioresearch sector is a hot center of development and a great place to advance your career. Set your job listing search and see your next big step come up on your screen. 

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