Since our inception in September 2017, Scientists to Europe have been focused on creating a dossier of information that can help scientists to do the things they love, whilst living and working throughout Europe. All of our articles are carefully researched and are designed to provide busy academics with a wealth of practical information that can help them get the most out of European life.


On our blog you will find a range of informative and entertaining topics, including everything from food and travel guides for experiencing the highlights of Europe, health and fitness recommendations for the busy professional, and relationship tips to ensure a happy and harmonious home life. We want to share our wealth of experiences of living and working as scientists in Europe, so you can enjoy the very best that the Continent has to offer.


The goal of Scientists to Europe is to encourage and inspire our readers, which is why we include such a broad range of engaging and instructive topics. Whether your interest is career, travel, food, fitness, health or ongoing education, our passionate editorial team will be creating up-to-date content that will keep you in the know, on the ball and (hopefully!) laughing along the way.

Our Mission

To help scientists everywhere realize their full career potential by inspiring them to embrace the transition to living and working in Europe. To provide the very best information designed to educate, inspire and entertain you.

Our Values

Scientists to Europe is dedicated and efficient. We want to help you achieve your goal of living and working in Europe by providing the information you need. We are here for science and we are here for you!