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When you’re a scientist, the big 3-0 usually means that you have achieved quite a bit academically, you most likely
Bavaria is the largest German state and is situated in its south eastern corner. The area has long been known
The life of a research scientist can be hectic. Taking a cruise can be a great way to relax, unwind
The biotech industry is booming and is currently one of the largest employers in Europe. Biotech companies can be found
The life of a research scientist can be hectic at times and you may find that your health can take
After a hectic day at the office or a full schedule of meetings, it is good to just sit back,
The world of science is full of interesting people who are striving to make changes for the better in our
Norway is a beautiful country to visit. Its breathtaking views include the Northern lights, encompassing mountains, deep coastal fjords and
So, you’ve made it to your thirties and your career is underway. The hardest years of graduate school may be
If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to work in Italy, I’m sure you will be thinking about
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